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Eliza Piotrowska

Frank, Helen, Baby, and the Trojan Horse [Franek, Hela, Bobas i koń trojański]

Everything starts in the living room, when parents realise that two of their three kids, Baby and Helen with their dog, disappeared when they got under the cupboard. Both mother and father are too big to follow their children there. Frank, the oldest and the most reasonable of the children launches a rescue. He is armed only with the Greek and Roman mythology. He meets crazy and evil characters like Mistrz Brud As [Master Dirt Ace], Doktor Potwór [Doctor Monster], Pożeracze Liter [Letter (...)


YEAR: 2008


Bernard Beckett


Dystopian speculative fiction for young adults, with a philosophical focus. Set in the ‘Republic,’ an island country that has survived global turmoil (war between continental powers, and plague). Protagonist Anaximander is undergoing examination for entrance into the ‘Academy,’ and therefore into an elite life of inquiry and culture. Her special topic is Adam Forde, a rebel from a previous period in history and a hero from an early stage of the Republic. As a coastal guar(...)


YEAR: 2006

COUNTRY: New Zealand

Jose Alfonso Ocampo Ruiz , Martin Powell

The Adventures of Hercules

In five comic book chapters, Martin Powell tells the story of Hercules and his adventures through the medium of a comic. With a page-length section ‘About Hercules’ prefacing the comic, the story is focussed on the retelling of Hercules’ adventures by a sixth-century Ithacan man to his grandchildren. The first chapter, entitled ‘Son of Zeus,’ details the vanquishing of the seemingly invulnerable Nemean Lion by Hercules and then the subsequent second labour, the(...)


YEAR: 2009

COUNTRY: United States of America