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Marisa De Castro, Myrto Delivoria

At the Museum [Στο μουσείο]

The purpose of this book is to introduce young children to a museum environment. The book starts with a drawing of a museum, recognisable as the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, which is compared, and with good reason, to a treasure house. In the book’s opening pages, we form an impression that a museum is as much about a massive building (with giant stairs and big glass door) as about antiquities (statues and vases) and a plethora of vibrant visitors of different ethnic backgroun(...)


YEAR: 2007


Małgorzata Karkowska , Monika Warneńska

We’ll Meet on Atlantis [Spotkamy się na Atlantydzie]

The story begins when the young protagonist Alekos Dragumis is travelling to Greece by train. He is the son of a deceased Greek father and a Polish mother. His father reached Poland after WW2, in which he was as a guerilla fighter. This past forced him to leave Greece forever. Before the war he was studying archaeology and he passed on to his son his love for archaeology and history.
 Alekos is crossing the Greek border. His father’s family invited him to spend his vacations with them. He (...)


YEAR: 1988