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Brett Helquist , Lemony Snicket

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Series, Books 1-13)

This series of thirteen 13-chaptered novels follows the "unfortunate events" which befall Violet, Klaus and baby Sunny Baudelaire after the death of their parents in a fire in the family home. On becoming orphans, the siblings are placed in the custody of their uncle, Count Olaf, who, from the first book onwards tries various – and typically murderous – ways, to acquire their huge fortune. Olaf is aided throughout by his accomplices in V.F.S., a mysterious organisation to w(...)


YEAR: 1999

COUNTRY: United States of America

Amos Bobe Ngong

Origin and Settlement of the Kom People

Narrator: Moghaina (Should I say a story)Audience: Sighain (Yes, say it!)A long time ago, there were massive migrations of people from the North to the South of Cameroon. As a result, the Tikars entered the Mbam plain and a fraction of this group, the Kom people, broke off from them, travelled through Bamum and settled in Babessi in the Ndop plain where they met the Babessi (Shui*) people, who were already settled in that plain. These people happily welcomed the Kom people and coexisted with the(...)


COUNTRY: Cameroon