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Natalia Kapatsoulia , Filippos Mandilaras

Herakles [O Erakles]

At the book’s very beginning we read about the conception of Herakles by Zeus and Alkmene. This affair made Hera jealous. Mandilaras presents Herakles’ labours in the following order: the Nemean Lion; the Lernean Hydra; the Erymanthean Boar; the Hind of Artemis; the Stymphalian Birds; the Augean Stables; the Cretan Bull; the Horses of Diomedes; the Belt of Hippolyte; Geryon's Cattle; the Cerberus; and the Apples of the Hesperides. Each labour is mentioned briefly, as is appropria(...)


YEAR: 2012


Nicolas Duffaut, Hélène Montardre

Little Stories from Mythology [Petites histoires de la mythologie] (Series): Hercules' Twelve Labours [Les douze travaux d’Hercule]/ Orpheus in the Underworld [Orphée aus Enfers] / Zeus, the King of Gods [Zeus le roi des dieux]

In view of the large number of relatively short and minor books for eight-year old children signed by the author/illustrator duo Montardre & Duffaut, only three representative titles are presented in more detail.1. Hercules' Twelve LaboursHercules drinks to excess at a feast and temporarily loses his reason. Without realizing what he is doing, he takes his bow and shoots his wife Megara and his three children, then he falls asleep on the floor. When he wakes up, he is terrified and canno(...)


YEAR: 2011


Robert (Bob) Blaisdell, Althea (Thea) Kliros

The Story of Hercules (in Easy-to-Read Type)

Hercules narrates his story, beginning with his birth as the mortal son of a god. He talks of how he was child prodigy in warfare, but failed at learning music. After killing the teacher that belittles him about failing at music, Hercules goes out into the world to learn what he can. After Hera challenges Zeus to prove Hercules is worthy of being immortal, Hercules jumps at the opportunity and completes twelve labours.  (...)


YEAR: 1997

COUNTRY: United States of America