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Beata Gaj

Linguam Latinam Cognosco. I discover Latin. A Latin language textbook for children (early-primary stage).

The textbook is the first Latin course in Poland for children of the early grades of primary school applying American and British methods, such as drama, the Sherborne developmental movement or game-based learning. The author built upon her own experience of teaching Latin to primary students as extracurricular optional lessons. She aimed the course at bottom-up teaching of Latin while reinforcing the early stages of the educational process, including reading and (...)


YEAR: 2016


Stanisław Butyr

Latin for Beginners

Łacina dla początkujących (Latin for beginners) is a course dedicated to those who want to self-study the basics of Latin.

The textbook contains 12 lessons teaching Latin vocabulary, major phrases, maxims and grammatical forms. Each lesson provides texts, grammatical and lexical exercises, e.g. ‘fill the gaps in the sentences’, matching pairs tasks, crosswords and word searches. The book also include(...)


YEAR: 2010


The Primary Latin Project team

The Primary Latin Project

The Primary Latin Project is a website aimed at the teachers, it promotes the teaching of ancient languages in primary schools. The website provides training for teachers and helps with resources to run the programme based on the Minimus textbook in primary school. Minimus  is a unique Latin course for younger children based on a real family who lived in Britain at Vindolanda in 100 AD: Flavius, the fort commander, his wife Lep(...)