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Stanisław Butyr

Latin for Beginners

Łacina dla początkujących (Latin for beginners) is a course dedicated to those who want to self-study the basics of Latin.

The textbook contains 12 lessons teaching Latin vocabulary, major phrases, maxims and grammatical forms. Each lesson provides texts, grammatical and lexical exercises, e.g. ‘fill the gaps in the sentences’, matching pairs tasks, crosswords and word searches. The book also include(...)


YEAR: 2010


Simone Deléani, Jean Beaujeu, Jean-Marie Vermander

Initiation to the Latin Language and its System. Manual for Adults. Vol. 1

The textbook includes 21 lessons, each containing a fragment of a Latin text (texte d’étude), which is the starting point for learning vocabulary, syntactic forms and their use. The text itself follows a short commentary on the historical or cultural context; the column on the right includes a verbatim French translation. Below the text each lesson provides the relevant vocabulary and derivations from Latin to French connected to the text. Th(...)


YEAR: 1967, 1968, 1975, 1977, 1990, 1992, reissue 2011, 2015


Janusz Ryba, Elżbieta Wolanin, Aleksandra Klęczar

Homo Romanus 1 [The Roman Man]. Textbook for Learning Latin and Ancient Culture

Homo Romanus is a textbook for teaching of Latin language and ancient culture aimed at higher grades of secondary schools. It consists of two parts, which facilitates its use as an advanced course as well as at a basic level with fewer hours of instruction (using only part 1). Each part is divided into 5 thematic modules (moduli). Each module contains 5 lessons (lectiones) and an additional recap unit (repetitio). The course inc(...)


YEAR: 2017


The Primary Latin Project team

The Primary Latin Project

The Primary Latin Project is a website aimed at the teachers, it promotes the teaching of ancient languages in primary schools. The website provides training for teachers and helps with resources to run the programme based on the Minimus textbook in primary school. Minimus  is a unique Latin course for younger children based on a real family who lived in Britain at Vindolanda in 100 AD: Flavius, the fort commander, his wife Lep(...)



Julien Soulié

Latin Made Easy. Declension, Grammar, Vocabulary

Le latin facile is a mini textbook of Latin grammar. The author wants to convince the reader that Latin is not dead because it is still present in the French language: it is responsible for 85% of its vocabulary and that is why it is not so difficult to learn. Though the textbook is really of pocket size (8,5x12cm), it contains a 160-page full grammar course starting from Latin pronunciation according to French rules, through declensions and conjugation, (...)


YEAR: 2018


Janusz Ryba, Aleksandra Klęczar


Cognoscite is a textbook aimed at secondary school students, at the beginner level. The authors, experienced in both teaching and writing textbooks, adapted it to the new curriculum introduced in 2020, which is not as strictly focused on language learning as before, and presents a broader scope of cultural aspects including European reception of Antiquity. Thus the textbook combines many school subjects: Latin, arts, history, literature and shows the pres(...)


YEAR: 2020