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Magda van Tilburg

About Circe

Kirke is a comic book by Magda van Tilburg, in which she presents the myth of Circe and Odysseus according to Homer. The entire comic is written in ancient Greek, the phrases used by characters come from books X and XI of Odyssey. Some of hexameters and words are omitted or slightly modified producing a more fluent story and lively dialogue. It is only in the digital version that the original text is accompanied by an English translation. In addi(...)


YEAR: 1983 2019 (coloured digital version)

COUNTRY: Netherlands

Monika Mikuła, Magdalena Popiołek

Ἕλληνές ἐσμεν πάντες [We are all Greeks]. The Textbook for Learning Ancient Greek

The textbook is founded on both authors’ years of experience in teaching Ancient Greek at the Institute of Classical Studies at the University of Warsaw and at other language classes. It is composed of three volumes. The first includes lessons 1-30 for the first year of study, the second - lessons 31-53 for the second year of study. Both come in two parts - one with texts, the other with grammatical information and sets of exercises. The third volume provide(...)


YEAR: 2017