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Lidia Winniczuk

Lingua Latina. Latin without the Help of Orbilius

The book was created as a unique, innovative Latin course intended for self-study. Its aim was to prepare students for translating classical texts. The author devised a pioneering method which introduced an innovative layout independent of standard patterns.

Contrary to traditional methods, the author does not begin each module/unit with a text, but rather with a grammatical commentary and preparations and then continues with exe(...)


YEAR: 1975


Beata Gaj

Linguam Latinam Cognosco. I discover Latin. A Latin language textbook for children (early-primary stage).

The textbook is the first Latin course in Poland for children of the early grades of primary school applying American and British methods, such as drama, the Sherborne developmental movement or game-based learning. The author built upon her own experience of teaching Latin to primary students as extracurricular optional lessons. She aimed the course at bottom-up teaching of Latin while reinforcing the early stages of the educational process, including reading and (...)


YEAR: 2016


Inga Grześczak

Intermediate Latin. Fons et Origo [Source and Origin]

The textbook was mainly designed for self-study. The Latin subheading Fons et origo [source and origin] is supposed to express the idea that the composition and contents of the book aim at showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Antiquity as reflected in the Latin language.

The body of the book has been divided into 7 lessons (lectiones), each concerning a different area of life - from everyday activities, thro(...)


YEAR: 2012


Magda van Tilburg

Dido and Aeneas

Dido et Aeneas is a Latin (bilingual Latin/English as a digital version) comic book based on mainly 4th book of Virgil’s Aeneis. The author presented the story of the characters using a comic she herself illustrated, with the text in the bubbles and the commentary written in Latin using phrases known to the reader from school class. The form of a comic makes the reading a lighter and better adapted to the young reader compared to the same o(...)


YEAR: 1980, 2008

Janusz Ryba, Elżbieta Wolanin, Aleksandra Klęczar

Homo Romanus 1 [The Roman Man]. Textbook for Learning Latin and Ancient Culture

Homo Romanus is a textbook for teaching of Latin language and ancient culture aimed at higher grades of secondary schools. It consists of two parts, which facilitates its use as an advanced course as well as at a basic level with fewer hours of instruction (using only part 1). Each part is divided into 5 thematic modules (moduli). Each module contains 5 lessons (lectiones) and an additional recap unit (repetitio). The course inc(...)


YEAR: 2017


Thomas Bouhours, Arnaud Laimé, Claire Laimé-Couturier, Camille Naulin

Dixit! 5th

Dixit! 5e (Cahier de latin. Langue et culture) is a French textbook for Latin language and culture with a special focus on the cultural aspect along with its European reception. The textbook is correlated with the curriculum of other school subjects; it also features a variety of activities available online or through the application Nathan live containing audiovisual resources, animated classes and interactive exercises.


YEAR: 2014, 2017 (new program), reprint 2019


Katarzyna Jasińska-Zdun

Latin Language for Students

The website provides students from diverse groups with a variety of educational aids. It contains original downloadable scripts to be used in class (see print screen), as well as a variety of files with learning resources: grammar, vocabulary, exercises, texts for self-study, a selection of prose and poetry (including audio recordings) or lyrics of Latin carols.

A significant portion of the website is dedicated to mythology and i(...)


YEAR: 2014


Wiktor Steffen, Jan Horowski

The Latin Voice

The textbook was adapted to the needs of high school students and was designed to require 4 years of study. The course comprises 8 parts so that for each year of study there was a  part 1 dedicated to texts and part 2 containing material for each class, exploring vocabulary and grammar and providing exercises. In addition, in the back of the textbook, there are additional grammatical tables of conjugation and declension along with commonly used phrases, maxim(...)


YEAR: 1967


B. L. Ullman, Charles Henderson, jr., Norman E. Henry

Latin for Americans. First Book

The sixth revision of Latin for Americans, First Book is based on time-tested principles upon which Professor B. L. Ullman originally based this highly successful series. From the very start, the student is presented with reading connected Latin passages with comprehension of the Latin as Latin. The vocabulary is methodically chosen for the frequency of its occurrence in Latin literature and in English derivatives. The simple and informal presentatio(...)


YEAR: 1981 - (sixth revised edition) frequently revised, still in print; 1st edition 1941


Janusz Ryba, Aleksandra Klęczar


Cognoscite is a textbook aimed at secondary school students, at the beginner level. The authors, experienced in both teaching and writing textbooks, adapted it to the new curriculum introduced in 2020, which is not as strictly focused on language learning as before, and presents a broader scope of cultural aspects including European reception of Antiquity. Thus the textbook combines many school subjects: Latin, arts, history, literature and shows the pres(...)


YEAR: 2020