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Annick Ndo Medjoto

Angon Nana and Abomo Nguele

Long ago, in a certain corner of South Cameroon, was born a boy of extraordinary handsomeness, named Angon Nana. He was so handsome that upon seeing him people were cured of their psychological problems. Unfortunately, Nana’s parents died while he was still young and he became unbearably sad. He wept day and night for several years. One day, amid his tears, he felt a strange presence around him. As he turned around, a girl Abomo was looking down at him smiling. She dried his tears. As(...)


COUNTRY: Cameroon

Egbe Ifie


The original version of this myth appears in Egbe Ifie's Marriage with Gods and Goddesses: In Classical and African Myths published by End-time Publishing House Ltd, Ibadan, 1999: pp 30-34. This is a summary of the myth. The full text can be read in the book cited above.A long time ago, in the region of Aka, in the Delta State of Nigeria, a young man named Kruku embarked on a journey to the land of immortals or Erivwin after the sacrificial death of his parents. Overwhelmed by the (...)


COUNTRY: Nigeria

Gwendal Lazzara, Michel Piquemal, Daniel Royo

Marcus Caius Victor's Secret, Followed by Who Wants Marcus Caius Dead? [Le secret de Marcus Caïus Victor, suivi de Qui veut la mort de Marcus Caïus?]

In Rome under Augustus, an orphan named Lucius from a wealthy Roman family has been brought up by his grandfather, Marcus Caïus Victor*, the owner of prestigious jewellery workshops and an influential magistrate (Decurion). To the boy’s utter amazement, he learns from his grandfather that he was originally a Gaul who fought for Vercingetorix at Alesia, was taken prisoner, and then sold as a slave to an important Roman merchant. On their trip to Rome, they were shipwrecked and Marcus s(...)


YEAR: 2011