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Pamela Allen

Mr Archimedes’ Bath

A humorous picture book about the principle of water displacement discovered by the Greek mathematician, Archimedes. In this book, ‘Mr Archimedes’ shares his bath with three animals: a goat, a wombat, and a kangaroo. Trial and error in the bath (in which each animal is ‘blamed’ in turn for taking up too much room) show the principles of displacement in action. Finally, Mr Archimedes shouts ‘Eureka!’ and explains to the animals that they are all making the wate(...)


YEAR: 1980

COUNTRY: Australia

TED , Colm P. Kelleher

TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing, Series Math in Real Life: What Is Zeno’s Dychotomy Paradox?

The narrator introduces the philosopher Zeno of Elea who looks like an animated figure from a typical Greek vase – also almost all of the following scenes presenting Zeno’s thoughts are designed in this manner. We are told that Zeno invented a number of famous paradoxes – then, follows a definition of paradox. Next screen demonstrates that Zeno was an inspiration for mathematicians and thinkers of later ages, including Archimedes, Newton, Russell. After that we see Zeno who wan(...)


YEAR: 2013