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Stefan Weinfeld , Jerzy Wróblewski

The Legends of Maze Island [Legendy Wyspy Labiryntu]

The Legends of Maze Island include classical Greek myths associated with the island of Crete: the abduction of Europa by Zeus, his numerous love affairs, the whole story of Daedalus and Icarus, the reign of Minos, insane passion of Pasiphae for the bull of Poseidon, the construction of a labyrinth to house the monstrous Minotaur. The comic book contains also related myths such as those associated with the life of Theseus, Medea, and the son of Poseidon.(...)


YEAR: 1989


Alan Paton

Too Late the Phalarope

The story opens with the narrator, Aunt Sophie, who presents to us Pieter Van Vlaanderen, a police officer. He is a strange human being because he has two distinct personalities: he is a great, brave and strong man, and tender and gentle as a girl. The narration moves to Pretorius Street where Pieter catches Dick, a white boy, attempting to woe Stephanie, a black girl – something which is against the Immorality Act, an act which prohibits black and white relationships in South Africa at th(...)


YEAR: 1996

COUNTRY: Republic of South Africa United States of America