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Joe Lillington, Iris Volant

Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors is divided as follows: overview of specific armies; short biographies of military leaders; overviews of battles throughout history. The book covers the Bronze Age until the 14th Century CE and features armies such as the Mayans (p. 12-13), the Romans (p. 24-28), the Huns (p. 34-35), the Vikings (p. 42-43), and the Samurai (p. 50-51). These armies are arranged chronologically and are described along with their respective military leaders such as Ramesses II (p.16-17), Alexander t(...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Catherine Mayo

The Bow: Win or Lose?

The Bow: Win or Lose? takes place in Ancient Greece. It is the second of Mayo’s novels set in this period, the first book being Murder at Mykenai. A teenage Odysseus is helping to protect his father’s kingdom. After the death of his grandfather, Arkeisios (in the city of Argos), Odysseus travels with Eurybates (his father’s squire) to find his grandfathers hidden wealth. Odysseus is disguised as servant to Eurybates, who is dressed as an Egyptian priest. He finds gold hidden in(...)


YEAR: 2014

COUNTRY: Australia