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Tidjani Yaya

Autan and the Monster

A long time ago, in the village of Galim-Tignere, there lived a woman called Iya and her husband with their two kids. This village was being terrorised by dodo - a wild monstrous animal. The presence of this animal made it impossible for the villagers to go out very early in the morning and late at night. If anyone did, they were either killed or seriously wounded by the animal. Iya soon became pregnant for her last child. During the months of pregnancy, she would sit in front of her hut to feel(...)


COUNTRY: Cameroon

Jean-Sébastien Deheeger , Louie Stowell

Sticker Romans

Sticker Romans is part of the Dress-up Sticker Books for the Usborne Activities Series. Similar to the Sticker Greek Myths book, also catalogued in this database, the book features a number of inhabitants of Ancient Rome in their underwear who can be dressed in clothing facilitated by the single purpose stickers located in the last ten pages of the book. Each double-page represents a particular scene from Rome, like the forum or a villa, so that a variety of characters––from gladiato(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Jose Alfonso Ocampo Ruiz , Martin Powell

The Adventures of Hercules

In five comic book chapters, Martin Powell tells the story of Hercules and his adventures through the medium of a comic. With a page-length section ‘About Hercules’ prefacing the comic, the story is focussed on the retelling of Hercules’ adventures by a sixth-century Ithacan man to his grandchildren. The first chapter, entitled ‘Son of Zeus,’ details the vanquishing of the seemingly invulnerable Nemean Lion by Hercules and then the subsequent second labour, the(...)


YEAR: 2009

COUNTRY: United States of America

Christina Balit, Hugh Lupton, Daniel Morden

The Adventures of Odysseus

This book offers a compact retelling of the trials and tribulations of Odysseus’ journey home from Troy. The prologue begins with the judgement of Paris and how this led to a 10 year long war between the Greeks and the Trojans. The prologue explains that the Greeks won the war, retrieved Helen and began their journeys home with ships full of loot. The book proceeds to tell the story of Odysseus’ journey home beginning 9 years in as he washes up on the shores of Phaeacia. In the same (...)


YEAR: 2006

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Liz Porter

The Muddle-Headed Minotaur

A humorous, rhyming picture book with black and white cartoon illustrations, set in Greek village, is an entertaining introduction to Greek mythology for children. The story tells of “A muddle headed-minotaur who lived somewhere in Crete,/ decided to leave home…in search of something sweet” (Porter, 2003, p.1). Having spent too long in his dark lair, the Minotaur has become confused, but manages to find his way out of his cold, dark labyrinth. While everyone is at the loc(...)


YEAR: 2003

COUNTRY: Australia

Michael Eagle, Emily Little

The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War

This book is part of a series named Step into Reading which consists of five steps for children to build up their reading skills. The series spans from step one which is aimed at preschool and kindergarten children to step five which is aimed at children aged between 7 and 9. This book falls under the "Step 5" bracket. The book consists of 6 small sections and a pronunciation guide. Section 1 titled "The Wall" introduces the kingdom of Troy and describes the Trojan wall (...)


YEAR: 1992

COUNTRY: United States of America

Sarah Coghill

The Twelve Labors of Hercules

Sarah Coghill relates the twelve tasks of Hercules in a simple, unembellished format. She takes the twelve labors and, in twelve chapters, details the challenges which Hercules faces in accomplishing his tasks. Without stinting on detail, Coghill methodically works through the tasks, providing information on relevant details of Hercules adventures as she goes.(...)


YEAR: 2011