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The Rugby Football Union

Age Grade Rugby

This guide from the Rugby Football Union, the governing body for Rugby Union in England, provides information on children’s player progression at all levels from Under 7 to Under 18. Information on player safety is included along with an overview of the personal and social skills fostered by the sport. The guide, pitched both at players and adults involved as e.g. parents, coaches and first-aiders, mixes an emphasis on the benefits of playing rugby union with safety information. Key benefi(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Ian Jenkins, Kate Morton

Explore the Parthenon: An Ancient Greek Temple and Its Sculptures

This book provides a thorough overview of the sculptures of the Parthenon along with contextual details including on ancient Athenian politics, mythology, deities and festivals. The book is divided into clear sections, each of which starts with a brief introduction in bold type, followed by an overview of the topic under discussion. Ian Jenkins’s text is complemented with photos of the sculptures and illustrations by Kate Morton. Morton’s illustrations support and clarify to some of (...)


YEAR: 2009

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Deirdre Barry, Richard Morss

I’m a Monster (Series, 52 Episodes)

2D animation series for children of pre-school age (4-8 years), about monsters from various parts of the world. In each episode of the series (duration: 2 minutes) we meet another character who presents himself to the audience (with the voice of an actor) and tells some fun facts about himself.* Most of presented characters are well-known – they come from mythology of different cultures, from literature, movies etc. The material is rich, colorful and original. In twelve episodes of th(...)


YEAR: 2010

COUNTRY: Ireland

Christos Kondeatis, Sara Maitland

Pandora’s Box: A 3-Dimensional Celebration of Greek Mythology

"Open this box…and enter a world of marvels" invites the blurb of Maitland and Kondeatis’ Pandora’s Box. Fastened with a golden ribbon, the book/box opens to reveal hidden compartments, pop up pages, and other interactive elements alongside a textual commentary of the myths, culture and history of the ancient Greek world. It includes a labelled portrait of the major Olympians with their symbols and accoutrements and a map of Odysseus’ wanderings. On one page lo(...)


YEAR: 1995

COUNTRY: United Kingdom