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René Goscinny , Albert Uderzo

Asterix (Series, Book 4): Asterix the Gladiator [Astérix: Astérix gladiateur]

The fourth installment in the Asterix series begins with the Prefect of Gaul, Odius Asparagus, visiting Compendium, one of the Roman camps near the Gaulish village that is home to Asterix and Obelix. He hopes to curry favour with Julius Caesar by bringing him one of the Gauls as a present, but Centurion Gracchus Armisurplus is well aware that the Gauls are formidable fighters. Nevertheless, his soldiers manage to capture the bard Cacofonix, protecting themselves from his discordant singing by st(...)


YEAR: 1964


Brey Houzibe


In the beginning, among the Ngambays people of Mundu in the South of Chad, there lived a young pregnant woman, who constantly went out to fetch wood in a nearby forest. While in the forest, she wanted to lift a big log of wood, and suddenly her baby came out of her womb together with the placenta. In this village, the placenta was considered as a second baby. She took the placenta home and abandoned the real baby in the forest. After a long time, an old woman who had also been fetching wood in t(...)



Diane Dillon, Leo Dillon, Patricia C. McKissack

Never Forgotten

The story opens with a griot’s warning that white folks will invade Africa, capture blacks, and sell them as goods. He recounts the story of Dinga, a well-respected blacksmith who, after losing his beloved wife, decides to raise his newborn baby boy all by himself. Although elderly women in the village advise him to remarry or give out his son as requires their culture and tradition, Dinga rather dedicates his son to the Mother Elements (the goddess of the earth, the goddess of the wind, t(...)


COUNTRY: United States of America

Jean-Sébastien Deheeger , Louie Stowell

Sticker Romans

Sticker Romans is part of the Dress-up Sticker Books for the Usborne Activities Series. Similar to the Sticker Greek Myths book, also catalogued in this database, the book features a number of inhabitants of Ancient Rome in their underwear who can be dressed in clothing facilitated by the single purpose stickers located in the last ten pages of the book. Each double-page represents a particular scene from Rome, like the forum or a villa, so that a variety of characters––from gladiato(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom