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Iain Ashman

Make this Roman Amphitheatre (Usborne Cut-Out Models Series)

This is a cut out, stiff card model of a Roman Amphitheatre that one can create using only glue and scissors. The model includes cut-out figures of gladiators, crowed and ships.(...)


YEAR: 2008

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Michael Ende

Momo: Or The Strange Story of the Time-Thieves and of The Child Who Gave the Stolen Time Back to Humans [Momo: Oder Die seltsame Geschichte von den Zeit-Dieben und von dem Kind, das den Menschen die gestohlene Zeit zurückbrachte]

When Momo, a little girl between eight and twelve years without parents, moves into the old amphitheatre in a small town, she quickly becomes friends with the local children and grown-ups. The children love to play with Momo because her presence makes them particularly imaginative, and the adults talk to Momo about their problems because she is such a good listener. Then everything changes: The grey gentlemen of the Timesavings Bank gain more and more power over the adults who suddenly have(...)


YEAR: 1972

COUNTRY: Germany