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Brendan Shusterman , Neal Shusterman

Challenger Deep

Challenger Deep is an episodic, non-linear contemporary novel that retells the Odyssey, and that draws on aspects of fabulism to inform 15-year-old Caden’s delusions as he is treated for schizophrenia in a juvenile psychiatric hospital. The novel alternates between events that occurred before his hospitalisation and during his stay. While these moments can initially be distinguished by the difference in the setting (the real-world setting and the sea voyage), these settings are increasingl(...)


YEAR: 2015

COUNTRY: United States of America

Chris Riddell

Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse

Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse is the first in a series of Goth Girl books by Chris Riddell which uses intertextual play with Gothic writers and literary conventions as well as other literary characters and mythology.Ada Goth is the only child of Lord Goth. The two live together in Ghastly-Gorm Hall. Ada is a lonely child, her father believing that children should be heard and not seen, therefore making her wear a pair of heavy boots so he can always hear her coming. A series of unsuccessful(...)


YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Jan Parandowski

Odysseus’ Adventures [Przygody Odyseusza]

Based on: Katarzyna Marciniak, Elżbieta Olechowska, Joanna Kłos, Michał Kucharski (eds.), Polish Literature for Children & Young Adults Inspired by Classical Antiquity: A Catalogue, Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, Warsaw: University of Warsaw, 2013, 444 pp., online: adaptation covers the events in the Odyssey. The sequence of chapters corresponds to the Odyssey as follows:Odysseus’ Adventures  —  Odyssey Chap(...)


YEAR: ca 1935


Cynthia Voigt

Tillerman Cycle (Series, Book 1): Homecoming

Homecoming tells the story of four siblings – Dicey, James, Maybeth and Sammy Tillerman – who are abandoned by their mother (their father had already abandoned the family some years before). Led by the eldest, Dicey, the children make their way mostly on foot down the east coast of the United States. They come across a range of settings and characters with both realist and archetypal features including: runaway teenagers in the woods, students on a university campus, their bland(...)


COUNTRY: United States of America