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Natalia Kapatsoulia, Filippos Mandilaras

My First History [Η Πρώτη μου Ιστορία (I Proti mou Istoria)] (Series): Leonidas and the Battle at Thermopylae [Ο Λεωνίδας (O Leonidas)]

As we read in the opening page, this book is about a person who left his mark on Greek history. We learn about his family background. Leonidas’ father, Anaxandridas, was king of Sparta. Leonidas, like other Spartan boys, received military training. When he became king, he had to take action against the Persians who invaded Greece. Leonidas consulted an oracle about what to do, and gathered together leaders from other Greek city-states to discuss whether or not to surrender to the Persians.(...)


YEAR: 2010