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Colin King, Stephanie Turnbull

Ancient Greeks (Usborne Beginners Series)

This short book starts by introducing ‘An ancient land,’ before moving to specific sections, each covering a double spread, on: ‘Life in Greece’; ‘Clothes and fashion’; ‘What people ate’; ‘A trip to market’; ‘Feasts and fun’; ‘Gods and goddesses’; ‘Talking to the gods’; ‘Heroes and monsters’; ‘The Olympic Games’; ‘Greek plays’; ‘Mighty warriors’; ‘(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Vakhtang Bakhtadze

Narcissus [Нарцисс]

The action starts in a museum, in the Greek antiquities department. Among statues and frescos, we see Greek vases. The camera stops at a vase with a silhouette of a young man with a bow. The narrator says: “Long ago, in ancient Greece, according to tradition, Narcissus lived. The young man was extremely handsome, but heartless and inaccessible.” At this moment the image on the red-figure vase gets full colours and Narcissus steps off the vase and off the frame. The same happens to Ec(...)


YEAR: 1964

COUNTRY: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

Ola [Aleksandra] Woldańska-Płocińska

Trashville: Zero Waste [Śmieciogród: Zero Wast]

Trashville: Zero Waste is a non-fiction large-format picture book for children. It deals with various environmental issues, such as pollution, waste management and consumerism. On each fully illustrated spread Woldańska-Płocińska describes historical approaches to various types of products and waste, and ways in which people functioned as consumers. She refers to minimalism from the primary times as a perfect way of living, points out the changes brought by the technological development and glob(...)


YEAR: 2019