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Douglas Adams, ​Bob Baker, Nick Hurran , Peter Ling, David Maloney, ​Dave Martin , Kenny McBain, Steven Moffat, ​Anthony Read , Derrick Sherwin, Norman Stewart , ​Toby Whithouse

Doctor Who's Labyrinth Themed Episodes (Series, Seasons 6,15,17): The Mind Robber / Underworld / The Horns of Nimon / The God Complex

The myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur has been a fixture of the children’s TV sci-fi/drama series Doctor Who since the 1960s. The familiarity of school-aged children with this myth was doubly-ensured by the persistent emphasis on the Classics in British education (particularly in the middle-class context) well into the last decades of the 20th century. As well as featuring in ‘The Time Monster’ (1972) – starring Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor – the theme (...)


YEAR: 1968

COUNTRY: United Kingdom