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Enoch Tanyi


Anansi is a myth of the people of Asante on the coast of Ghana. This myth is centered on the character and ingenuity of Anansi, who succeeded through tricks to bring stories from the gods to his people and gave them wisdom. It is believed that Anansi is a mystical figure, who acts on behalf of Nyame, his father, and the Sky Father (God). He has the ability to bring rain and to stop wild fires. In some sectors of the Asante clan, Anansi is believed to be responsible for creating the sun, the star(...)



Brett Bean , Lucy Coats

Beasts of Olympus (Series): Beasts Keeper; Hound of Hades | Steeds of the Gods | Dragon Healer | Centaur School | Zeus’s Eagle | Gods of the North | The Unicorn Emergency

Beast of Olympus (series). The most recent instalment published November 22, 2017:Part 1, Beasts Keeper, 2015.Part 2, Hound of Hades, 2015. Part 3, Steeds of the Gods, 2015. Part 4, Dragon Healer, 2015.Part 5, Centaur School, 2016. Part 6, Zeus’s Eagle, 2016. Part 7, Gods of the North, 2017. Part 8, The Unicorn Emergency, 2018.The protagonist of the series is a young boy called Demon (his full name is Pandemonius) who was taken from his mother by the god Pan ((...)


YEAR: 2015

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Brey Houzibe


In the beginning, among the Ngambays people of Mundu in the South of Chad, there lived a young pregnant woman, who constantly went out to fetch wood in a nearby forest. While in the forest, she wanted to lift a big log of wood, and suddenly her baby came out of her womb together with the placenta. In this village, the placenta was considered as a second baby. She took the placenta home and abandoned the real baby in the forest. After a long time, an old woman who had also been fetching wood in t(...)




The Return of the Water Spirit

The Return of the Water Spirit presents a city called Luanda, Angola wherein the population has been witnessing a series of buildings collapsing one after another. The very first building collapse happens at Kinaxixi square, after the wedding of Joao Evangelista, son of Mateus Evangelista and grandson of Rosario Evangelista, a surname that defines their religious background. Unlike his predecessors who were pastors in an Evangelical church at Huambo, Joao desired to be an engineer, but since he (...)


YEAR: 2002