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Cath Senker

Ladybird Histories (Series): Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greeks is an educational, introduction to ancient Greek culture aimed at children aged 7+. This title is one of several titles in the Ladybird Histories series, including Kings and Queens, Tudor and Stuarts, Ancient Egyptians, The Vikings, Romans, and Anglo-Saxons. Each is written in a similarly serious tone. Through the combination of titles, the series presents the Ancient Greeks as an important non-British historical society. Ancient Greeks focuses on the Classical period, w(...)


YEAR: 2015

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Coffee Powered Machine


Okhlos' protagonist is an unnamed philosopher, enraged with the gods' indifference towards mortals and their well-being. The breaking point comes with the destruction of the School of Athens (obviously based on Raphael’s famous frescoes) - one of the Olympians crashes it with his foot, leaving almost no survivors. The only one left alive, the philosopher, says "enough!" and mobilizes the Athenians to overthrow Olympus' cruel regime and start a new life with freedom th(...)


YEAR: 2016

COUNTRY: Argentina

Anthony ("Tony") Robinson, Del Thorpe

Sir Tony Robinson's Weird World of Wonders (Series): Greeks

This work is a humorous introduction to the history and culture of ancient Greece. There is significant focus on classical Greece, although there is also some material on the career of Alexander the Great, followed by brief sections on the Hellenistic world and the coming of Rome. In keeping with book's title and the rest of the series of which it is a part, the representation of ancient culture focuses on things that appear eccentric, funny, cruel, or disgusting by modern Western standards.(...)


YEAR: 2012

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Wisecrack , Jared Bauer, Greg Edwards, Jacob Salamon, Joseph Salvaggio

Thug Notes (series): Homer’s Odyssey / Dante’s Inferno / Oedipus The King / Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

Homer’s OdysseyThe video, introduced as “keepin it epic with Homer’s Odyssey,” starts with the briefest possible – and undoubtfully colloquial expression-rich – synopsis of the poem: how Odysseus (presented, as all the other characters, with the use of photographs of ancient sculptures) was absent for 20 years from Ithaca, where his son Telemachus and “sexy wife Penelope,” harassed by “108 shady hustlas,” were waiting for him; how Calyp(...)


YEAR: 2013


Jean Chalopin, Yoshitake Suzuki, Nina Wolmark

Ulysses 31 [Ulysse 31]

Ulysses 31 was created by a Japanese animation company for a French audience, conceived as a way to use modern Japanese cartoon work to introduce a young audience to the myths of Odysseus within a futuristic sci-fi environment. The series is based on Homer's Odyssey, set in the 31st century. Some additional Greek myths and, to a much lesser extent, myths from further cultures, are woven into the narrative, including Native American. The premise of the programme and of individual episode(...)


YEAR: 1981

COUNTRY: France Japan