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Joel Skidmore


This website is a resource for teachers and students that summarizes and describes the significance of hundreds of mythological characters, ancient sites, and modern classical scholars.




National Geographic Kids

Ancient Greeks primary resource

This resource offers 4 PDFs on ancient Greece. Facts on ancient Greece are introduced by the animated character of Max, the time-travelling mouse. The information appears like advertisement for a forthcoming issue of Mini Histories series.

PDF 1 + 2: The facts include  brief information on: the geographical borders of ancient Greece, Trojan horse, Aristotle, Hippokrates, Homer, athletics, theatre, myths, gods, growing up in Greece.

PDF 3:  offers a short mini-quiz whic(...)



Core Knowledge

YEAR 3: ANCIENT GREECE (five lessons): Lesson 1. An introduction to Ancient Greece

This is the first lesson of five. It offers an introduction to ancient Greece. The objective of his lesson is to introduce the ancient civilization to the young students and connect it with more familiar themes to the children, such as Olympic Games, Greek gods etc. The teachers are encouraged to incorporate videos from films such as Troy (2004) or 300 (2006).

The lesson includes a map of ancient Greece with key locations and brief explanations of them (Athens, Olympia, Sparta, Crete, (...)