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Hans Henning Ørberg

Latin Language Self-Explained

Lingva Latina per se illvstrata is the only available textbook through which students can to learn Latin without having recourse to translation. The book is entirely written in Latin and it is made up of two parts: Familia romana (the basic course) and Roma aeterna (the advanced course). Both books include an extended contextual readings combined with a fully original apparatus of marginal notes, as well as pictures and illustrations. An(...)


YEAR: 1955

COUNTRY: Denmark

Indro Montanelli

History of Rome

The book is a historical essay about the history of ancient Rome, yet deployed in an informative and manner that draws the reader in. It covers the centuries from its foundation, rooted in the myth, up till the empire’s collapse due to barbarian invasions.

A very general appendix about the main events in chronological order is provided. The appendix is divided into “political and military events” on one(...)


YEAR: 1957