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CET Team

Journey to the Past: Greece, Rome and Jerusalem (Masa el HeAvar, Yavan, Roma veYerushalayim) According to the new History curriculum for elementary schools

This is a textbook for the study of History in 6th grade. The main theme is Judea and its relationship with the Greek, Hellenistic and Roman societies until the outbreak of the great rebellions against the Romans: the first great rebellion (66-73 C.E.) and the destruction of the second temple in 70 C.E. The second is the Bar  Kokhba revolt 132-135 C.E.

The book also includes background on the rise of Christianity and the eme(...)


YEAR: 2001


Laura Jenkinson-Brown

Greek Myth Comix

The website is focused on presenting students with ancient myths in an approachable and entertaining form of a comic. The author of the comics reaches for absolute classics: myths, the Odyssey, drama, the Aeneid, and allows the reader to effortlessly learn numerous interesting facts and concepts from mythology, literature, philology, philosophy and other sciences.
Greek Myth Comix was originally launched to assist students in the auth(...)




DK Find Out: Troy - The Trojan War

This online resource contains an interactive map of ancient Greece and an ancient Greece quiz. When you click on one of the sites, an information text appears. If you click on the red words in the text, a new information page opens up. For example, when you click on Troy, you get the Trojan War interactive page.




Iliad in Comics

The didactic sheets of the Iliad tell the story of the Homeric poem in a simplified and approachable manner that is meant for teenagers with Special Education Needs (SEN), but is suitable for children as well.

The material is composed of a slideshow with text and illustrations, along with a separate file with illustrations only (titled “thumbnails”), accompanied by brief captions. The slideshow contains thirty-four pa(...)


YEAR: 2010