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Carrie Floyd, Daniel Floyd, Soraya Een Hajji, David Hueso, James Portnow

Extra History (Series, S14E01–05): The Brothers Gracchi – I: How Republics Fall / The Brothers Gracchi – II: Populares / The Brothers Gracchi – III: Ochlocracy / The Brothers Gracchi – IV: Enter Gaius / The Brothers Gracchi – V: The Final Fall

For the Extra Credits and Extra History series, see the entry on the Punic Wars in the same series.The Brothers Gracchi – I: How Republics FallBefore the credits, the crisis of the Roman Republic in 121 BCE is briefly introduced, with its demagogy, violence, unemployment, patrician consumerism and political elites failing in their treatment of the poor. Right after this, the events behind the crisis are presented. The 2nd century BCE was the time of expansion of the Roman Republic; it(...)


YEAR: 2016