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René Goscinny , Albert Uderzo

Asterix the Gladiator [Astérix: Astérix gladiateur] (Astérix, 4)

The fourth installment in the Astérix series begins with the Prefect of Gaul, Caligula Alavacomgetepus (Odius Asparagus in English), visiting Petibonum (Compendium in English), one of the Roman camps near the Gaulish village that is home to Astérix and Obélix. He hopes to curry favour with Julius Caesar by bringing him one of the Gauls as a present, but Centurion Gracchus Nenjetépus (n'en jetez plus, Gracchus Armisurplus in English) is well aware that the Gauls ar(...)


YEAR: 1964