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Video Competition

In the school year 2017/18 we started organizing a video competition for youth, Antiquity–Camera–Action, which now is in its already third edition. The Jury members (incl. experts in visual arts from Poland and the UK), headed by the director and scriptwriter Krzysztof Korwin-Piotrowski, work together to choose the most interesting movies sent by the students from elementary and high-schools from the whole Poland. The movies are inspired by a guiding idea we change each year: in the first year of the competition it was Myth, in the second edition – Ancient History, now, in the third edition – Ecology, with references to the ancient culture, like the topos of Arcadia.

Through this competition we wish to make the voice of the newest generation, used to express themselves via visual arts, widely heard, especially in regard to the important current topics, like peer acceptance, addiction, environmental issues. We wish to encourage also the idea of a team work among youth and to increase their knowledge of the Classics and English language competences (we ask the teams to provide us with English subtitles for their movies).

The laureates are awarded their prizes during the Our Mythical Childhood workshops or conferences each year in May, because owing to this we can also invite them to participate in two days of these events. Thus we can take part together in some workshops and conference panels, and exchange ideas between students, teachers, and scholars.

Here you can watch the movies distinguished by the Jury

Video Competition Ecology 2020–2021 

Video Competition History 2019 

Video Competition Myth 2018 

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