Our Mythical Childhood...

The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture in Response to Regional and Global Challenges



Katerina Volioti on “Images of Hope: The Gods in Greek Books for Young Children” available in “Our Mythical Hope” in Open Access at the Publisher’s website and Zenodo platform


Lisa Maurice on “‘Percy Jackson’ and Israeli Fan Fiction: A Case Study” available in “Our Mythical Hope” in Open Access at the Publisher’s website and Zenodo platform


Helen Lovatt on “Hungry and Hopeful: Greek Myths and Children of the Future in Mike Carey’s Melanie Stories” available in “Our Mythical Hope” in Open Access at the Publisher’s website and Zenodo platform


Babette Puetz on “When Is a Robot a Human? Hope, Myth, and Humanity in Bernard Beckett’s Genesis” available in “Our Mythical Hope” in Open Access at the Publisher’s website and Zenodo platform


The volume "Chasing Mythical Beasts... The Reception of Ancient Monsters in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture", ed. Katarzyna Marciniak, presenting the results of the projects supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and ERC Consolidator Grant is available in Gold Open Access on the publisher's website:



"Dioscuri, the Divine Protectors of Rome" - OMC blog post by Michał Kuźmiński - student of Kulturoznawstwo - Cywilizacja Śródziemnomorska, from his Erasmus stay in Rome:


The conference "Our Mythical Nature: The Classics and Environmental Issues in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture", meetings focused on discussions - most of the lectures available at http://omc.obta.al.uw.edu.pl/our-mythical-nature


Our Mythical Education has reached Prof. Markus Janka and Dr Michael Stierstorfer, the co-authors of the chapter on Ovid's myths in the school system in Germany.


"Animating the Ancient World" – launch event at the University of Cambridge Sappho will sing thanks to Sonya Nevin and Steve Simons (Panoply Vase Animation Project): https://www.teaching.cambridgescp.com/animating-ancient-world


Susan Deacy about the Autism Awareness Week:



In the Autism Awareness Week, the Network ACCLAIM (Autism Connecting with CLAssically-Inspired Myth) invites to the ACCLAIM Twitter: https://twitter.com/AcclaimNetwork 

See also Prof. Susan Deacy’s post.


Karagiozis and the Golden Fleecing on Liz Hale's Antipodean Odyssey:



The 15th International Child and the Book Conference "Transformation and Continuity: Political and Cultural Changes in Children's Literature from the Past Century to the Present Day" (24-26 March 2021) with the participation by Our Mythical Childhood Community: Owen Hodkinson (Leeds), Bettina Kuemmerling-Meibauer (Tuebingen), Katarzyna Marciniak (Warsaw), Anna Mik (Warsaw), and Karoline Thaidigsmann (Heidelberg), and many great colleagues researching children's literature.



A report from the conference "Child-friendly 'Explorations of the Myth': Modern Reception Strategies from Adaptation to Transformation" by the Austrian Society for the Research into Children's and Young Adult Literature (ÖGKJLF) with the participation of the OMC team members


Prof. Susan Deacy on the Our Mythical Childhood Show and Tell event "How classics can be more diverse and inclusive", organized for Black History Month 2020 at the University of Roehampton


Krzysztof Rybak, PhD-student at the Wydział „Artes Liberales” Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, who has taken part in many OurMythicalChildhood initiatives, has been awarded a National Science Centre Preludium Grant for the project "Informational children's book in the 21st century: trends – research methods – models of reading"


“‘Abi in malem cursem’: The Latin of Magic in ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’” – a summary of the BA Thesis by Alessia Borriello, a student from the Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies at the University of Bologna and an Erasmus student within the Our Mythical Childhood project at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw


Presenting Our Mythical International Childhood in the International Week 2020 at the University of Roehampton, contact: Prof. Susan Deacy. The event will share the research by the project team members at the Universities of New England (Australia), Yaoundé 1 (Cameroon), Bar-Ilan (Israel), Roehampton (UK), and Warsaw (Poland).


Friday 13th November: Child-friendly “Explorations of the Myth”: Modern Reception Strategies from Adaptation to Transformation, an event organized by the Austrian Society for Children and Youth Literature Research (ÖG-KJLF) in Vienna, with the participation by early-stage scholars from the Our Mythical Childhood team. Programme.


26-27 October: "HISTORMYTHOS: Intermediale, interkulturelle und diachrone Perspektiven der Antikenrezeption" – International Interdisciplinary Conference at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München / Cluster The Past for the Present. Organizer: Prof. Markus Janka. Programme.


Prof. Markus Janka (LMU Munich) has just chased Our Mythical Beasts!...


Time to show what is waiting for you in Chapter Seven! “Chasing Mythical Beasts...” - coming soon! 

Elizabeth Hale “Facing the Minotaur in the Australian Labyrinth: Politics and the Personal in Requiem for a Beast”


Chapter Six in “Chasing Mythical Beasts...” – coming soon!

Przemysław Kordos “Familiar Monsters: Modern Greek Children Face the Minotavros, Idra, and Kerveros”


Katarzyna Marciniak talked on the expression “Hearth and Home” in Agnieszka Strzemińska’s programme on Radio Katowice


First fragment of Chapter Four – “Chasing Mythical Beasts...” coming soon!

Liz Gloyn “Mazes Intricate: The Minotaur as a Catalyst of Male Identity Formation in British Young Adult Fiction”


Katarzyna Marciniak talked on the expression “Achilles’e Heel” in Agnieszka Strzemińska’s programme on Radio Katowice


Katarzyna Marciniak had online classes with the high-schoolers at the VII Juliusz Słowacki High School in Warsaw, Po co mity? Recepcja mitologii w kulturze, cz. 1 [Why Myths? The Reception of Mythology in Culture. Part 1]


Katarzyna Marciniak had online classes with the high-schoolers at the VII Juliusz Słowacki High School in Warsaw, Po co mity? Recepcja mitologii w kulturze, cz. 2 [Why Myths? The Reception of Mythology in Culture. Part 2]


Sonya Nevin (Panoply Vase Animation Project) on Greek Warfare and Modern Education (incl. Sappho animation TBP soon) – available online.


“Iris – Rainbow Goddess” with our mythical message of Hope in Belarusian

Animation and text: Sonya Nevin and Steve Simons, translation into Belarusian: Hanna Paulouskaya and Maria Pushkina


"Our Mythical Education", ed. Lisa Maurice - a volume in the "Our Mythical Childhood" series coming soon! (Warsaw University Press, 2020). Design of the cover: Zbigniew Karaszewski

Table of contents: http://omc.obta.al.uw.edu.pl/our-mythical-education


Children's Day with the Classics in a creative way - we invite you to colour the Muses: http://www.omc.obta.al.uw.edu.pl/paint-the-muses
and Iris - the Rainbow Goddess: http://omc.obta.al.uw.edu.pl/iris


Happy Birthday from Our Mythical Childhood to all our Friends and Colleagues! We have just accomplished the third year of the ERC Consolidator Grant


Katarzyna Marciniak held a lecture on the need of interdisciplinarity, at a workshop for teachers on "The Interdisciplinarity in Education" organized in "Strumienie" High School


Anna Mik at IRSCL Congresswith the paper: "Silenced Beasts: Study of the Voiceless Monster in Marcin Szczygielski’s 'The Heart of Nemphthys' and Other Works for Children and Young Adults"


Anna Mik took part in a conference organized by the Association of Polish Librarians in Warsaw


Katarzyna Marciniak and Justyna Olko took part in the Networking Meeting with the UW PhD-Students Council.


Katarzyna Marciniak gave a short communicate on the OMC Project (via Skype) at the Round Table “Children’s Literature Scholarship in Europe”, a post-conference event organized by Prof. Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer within the 14th International Child and the Book Conference Beyond the Canon (of Children’s Literature), Croatian Association of Researchers in Children’s Literature and the University of Zadar.


Katarzyna Marciniak and a presentation on the OMC Project at the Greek course by Prof. Valentina Garulli, within the Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility, at the Department of Classical and Italian Studies, University of Bologna.


Katarzyna Marciniak had a lecture Das Programm „Our Mythical Childhood“ – Idee, Methoden, Etappe und die ersten Ergebnisse, within the Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility, at the Department of Classical and Italian Studies, University of Bologna.


Agnieszka Maciejewska and Anna Mik took part in the conference "Varium et Mutabile Semper Femina..." at the Univeristy of Warsaw with their talks on Cleopatra in children’s culture and female monsters from Classical Mythology


Katarzyna Marciniak led workshops organized by the Regional Contact Point Łódź for the candidates for the ERC Grants, Warsaw.


The Cluster The Past for the Present and the OMC Project invites you to the seminar on The Reception of Caesar in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture and to a concert by Rafał Janiak Many Languages of Music. See the poster, invitation English, invitation Polish


How to write entries for the Our Mythical Childhood Project? A class discussion on field research techniques by Daniel A. Nkemleke and Divine Che Neba with their students in Cameroon


Viktoryia Bartsevich and Agnieszka Maciejewska, PhD students at the Faculty of "Artes Liberales", presented their research results within the OMC project at the conference “We are not afraid of death – the transformations of the concept of death across the ages” in Katowice (Silesia)


The Early Childhood Research Centre is hosting a seminar by Katerina Volioti (University of Roehampton) on teaching ancient culture to young children.


Our Mythical Workshops II under the banner “The Present Meets the Past” will take place from 14th to 20th May 2018.


Katarzyna Marciniak a lecture on “Das Erbe der Antike und die Kinderkultur im Zeitalter der Globalisierung” at the international conference Topographien der Globalisierung / Topographies of Globalization (Humboldt-Kolleg supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) at the Institute of German Studies, University of Warsaw.


Katarzyna Marciniak held a lecture on “Wer wird Millionär? Der unermessliche Wert des Kontakts mit der Antike für die Kinder und Jugendliche im 21. Jahrhundert”, at the international conferece Verjüngte Antike trifft The Past for the Present: Griechisch-römische Mythologie uund Historie in Kinder- uund Jugendmedien der Gegenwartskultur, University of Munich.


Katarzyna Marciniak held a lecture on “Polen sucht den Superstar. Ovid zwischen Zensur und Freiheit”, at the Zwischen Kanon und Zensur. Ovid als Bildungsgegenstand Workshop (Ovid’s Year Celebration), at the Humboldt University in Berlin.


Katarzyna Marciniak gave a lecture on “Upowszechnianie nauki” [Research Popularization] and moderated the subsequent panel, via Skype, at the conference of Polish Young Academy at the Polish Academy of Science Kierunki reformy PAN i AMU [Directions of Reforms at PAN and AMU], Polish Academy of Science Conferences and Congresses House, Jabłonna.


Katarzyna Marciniak held the lecture “Tam, ale nie z powrotem. Pinokio Carla Collodiego i Dziwoląg Potężny Rodmana Philbricka o nieodwracalności metamorfozy” [There, but not back again. Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi and Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick on the irreversibility of a metamorphosis], at the conference O czym mówią rzeczy? [What are the things talking about?], organized by the Laboratory for Research on Literature for Children and Youth UW and the Museum of Children’s Book in Warsaw.


Katarzyna Marciniak gave a presentation on “ERC Grants from the Perspective of an ERC Laureate SH5” at an ERC Workshop, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Next, together with Elizabeth Hale, partecipated in a consultation session for the ERC candidates.