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Rebecca Ray and Anna Warfield Storyboard That

Olympian Vocabulary

The purpose of the activity is to teach students about the connection between mythology and the English language. Students will also learn more about the characters of each myth by understanding their impact on modern language. Each student should choose three English words that come from a mythological character or god. Examples include: jovial, Herculean, mercurial, cereal, martial, volcano. For each word students divide a box in two. One side should have an ill(...)



Simone Deléani, Jean Beaujeu, Jean-Marie Vermander

Initiation to the Latin Language and its System. Manual for Adults. Vol. 1

The textbook includes 21 lessons, each containing a fragment of a Latin text (texte d’étude), which is the starting point for learning vocabulary, syntactic forms and their use. The text itself follows a short commentary on the historical or cultural context; the column on the right includes a verbatim French translation. Below the text each lesson provides the relevant vocabulary and derivations from Latin to French connected to the text. Th(...)


YEAR: 1967, 1968, 1975, 1977, 1990, 1992, reissue 2011, 2015


B. L. Ullman, Charles Henderson, jr., Norman E. Henry

Latin for Americans. First Book

The sixth revision of Latin for Americans, First Book is based on time-tested principles upon which Professor B. L. Ullman originally based this highly successful series. From the very start, the student is presented with reading connected Latin passages with comprehension of the Latin as Latin. The vocabulary is methodically chosen for the frequency of its occurrence in Latin literature and in English derivatives. The simple and informal presentatio(...)


YEAR: 1981 - (sixth revised edition) frequently revised, still in print; 1st edition 1941