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Emily Matters, Emily Kerrison

Eureka! An introduction to classical Greek for young Australians

Uses the Greek myths to introduce students to basics of Classical Greek. Incorporates cross-cultural reflection, emphasizing connections with Australian Aboriginal mythology.  Uses a frame narrative of four young Australians (one Anglo-Irish, one Aboriginal, one of Greek descent, and one Asian-Australian), who are learning Greek in order to enter a competition for a trip to Athens. Connections between Greek and Australian culture are made through references t(...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: Australia

Susan Deacy

Autism and Classical Mythology

The idea for the blog began at a meeting in 2008 with a special needs teacher, who mentioned to Deacy that, in her experience and those of her colleagues, autistic children often enjoy learning about classical myth. Starting with this anecdotal evidence, Deacy began to wonder why this might be the case, and whether – as a classicist who researches classical myth – there was anything she could do by way of creating resources. She started the blog in 200(...)


YEAR: 2009


Marian Golias

Introduction to Learning Greek. A Textbook for the 4th and 5th grade of classical gymnasia of the old and new type, adapted to the Program of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Public Education.

The book was created as a textbook for middle school students, adjusted to comply with the secondary education reform of 1926. It was meant to be the first after WW1 ancient Greek textbook for beginners already familiar with Latin and its grammatical terminology. After its refinement and another adjustment to the needs of contemporary schools, the second edition was published in 1929 and became the prevalent textbook for teaching ancient Greek in Poland for nearly(...)


YEAR: 1926, 2ed. 1929,re-edition 1952


Mark Warner

Perseus Role-Play

This activity suggests role-playing of the myths relating to Perseus. It does not offer the script but rather include suggestions for the teacher on how to engage with the myths. The activity includes a one page PDF of Perseus’ story as well as Story board templates.

The male characters include: Zeus, Hermes, Polydectes, Perseus and Acrisius

The female characters include: Danae, Medusa, Gr(...)



National Geographic Kids

Greek Mythology Primary Resource

This primary resource offers 2 PDF posters, one dedicated to Zeus and the other to “tales of terror” from ancient Greece. Both pages offers short paragraphs adapted from the National Geographic Treasure of Greek Mythology volume by Donna Jo Napoli.
The Zeus PDF briefly narrates Zeus’ fight against the Titans and the division of the universe between the three brothers. A colourful illustration depicts Zeus holding a thunderbolt and the giant se(...)