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Mark Warner

Ancient Greece Fact Cards

This resource instructs how to use fact cards on ancient Greece in the classroom. There are 20 facts cards and two empty cards. They include short facts on the geography of ancient Greece, democracy, literature, religion, army, education, art, slaves, home, theater, Olympic games, writing, Pythagoras, Alexander the Great, Homer.




Emily Collins

Ancient Greece Unit Plan

This unit offers 14 lesson plans on ancient Greece for years 3/4.  (7-9 year olds) The themes of the lessons are, the geography and climate of Greece, ancient Greece in time, Athens and Sparta, Greeks as fighters, Marathon and the war against the Persians, gods and temples, myths, theatre, performing Greek myths (by the students), Olympic games, everyday life, Greek activities afternoon.





The Greeks: Didactic Cards

The didactic cards provide children in the 5th grade of primary school with the rudiments of Greek civilization, through an overall account of geography, history, civilization and culture, including mythology.

The first seven sheets each deal with one topic: Whereabouts; The polis; The commerce; Art and culture; The theatre; Religion and myths; The Olympic games. Sheets 8-9 contain a final test.
Each of the first seven sheets open with a theoretical sect(...)