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Ovídio Silva

Mythology in Portuguese

The purpose of our resource is to present Myths and Classical Literature to a general audience, always in a very simple language and recurringly focusing on aspects that general readers may be curious about.



COUNTRY: Portugal

Maurice Balme, Gilbert Lawall , James Morwood

Ἀθήνᾱζε – An introduction to Ancient Greek

The textbook provides a narration of the story of an Athenian farmer named Diceopolis and his family. They live in a village called Cholleidae, situated in Attica, north of Athens. The story is fictional, albeit the facts are set in a specific historical context which runs from the autumn of 432 to the spring of 431. Thus, the plot develops through some crucial historical patterns of the time, such as the Athenian democracy led by Pericles and the tensions cau(...)


YEAR: 2016 3rd edition


Indro Montanelli

History of the Greeks

The book is a historical essay about Ancient Greeks. In contrast to the History of Rome by the same author, the narrative does not follow a strict chronological order. In fact, despite the overall chronological setting, the author follows a rather idiosyncratic approach in his presentation of the history of the Greeks. In the book, the reader finds legendary figures, such as Minos and Homer, as well as historical figures of ancient poets, like (...)


YEAR: 1959


Indro Montanelli

History of Rome

The book is a historical essay about the history of ancient Rome, yet deployed in an informative and manner that draws the reader in. It covers the centuries from its foundation, rooted in the myth, up till the empire’s collapse due to barbarian invasions.

A very general appendix about the main events in chronological order is provided. The appendix is divided into “political and military events” on one(...)


YEAR: 1957


Mario Pintacuda, Michela Venuto


The book is an Ancient Greek Literature textbook for classical high school students, complying with the secondary education reform. The textbook comprises three volumes, covering Ancient Greek Literature in chronologic order. They can be supplemented with two minor books of classical texts.

The book introduces the study of Classic Greek Literature linking it with the plethora of other cultural manifestations of Ancient Greece suc(...)


YEAR: 2012