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Shalva Azmaiparashvili, Lado (Vladimir) Gudiashvili, Vladimir (Lado) Mujiri

The Argonauts / Colchis [Аргонавты / Колхида (Argonavty / Kolkhida)]

This is a black and white silent film with intertitles and music. It relates the feats of the Argonauts which are presented as the draining of the Colchis valley and a war with mosquitoes.The film starts with a quotation from Lavrentiy Beria: “LET US GIVE LEMONS, TANGERINES AND ORANGES TO THE TABLE OF THE WORKING OF THE SOVIET COUNTRY.”A young man and a girl dressed in Georgian national costumes sit under a tree having a picnic with shashlik. The man plays music, the girl sings. They(...)


YEAR: 1936

COUNTRY: Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)