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Bernard Beckett


This novel is the middle volume of a trilogy together with Genesis and Lullaby. It is set in what reminds one of a mediaeval walled city, under the rule of a powerful and oppressive church, but with some modern technology (such as cars). In this two class society the group of the “people of the night” are suppressed, as they allegedly lack a soul. They only enter the city at night, do manual labour and look for scraps of food to eat.In this novel, the teenagers Tristan and Grace, bad(...)


YEAR: 2011

COUNTRY: Australia

Irena Bukowska

Kacper on the Scent of Evil [Kacper na tropie zła]

Kacper from Gdańsk, known to the reader from Kacper w krainie filozofów, is already a teenager. He is a mediocre student, but a curious one – he likes asking questions and considering even ordinary things as he has a soul of a philosopher and a poet. An emaciated, mistreated and abandoned dog rescued by the narrator makes him reflect and ask questions about the essence of evil. Having left for a sailing camp, Kacper and his friend Piotrek get on board of a ghost ship balancing (...)


YEAR: 2016