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Irena Bukowska

Kacper on the Scent of Evil [Kacper na tropie zła]

Kacper from Gdańsk, known to the reader from Kacper w krainie filozofów, is already a teenager. He is a mediocre student, but a curious one – he likes asking questions and considering even ordinary things as he has a soul of a philosopher and a poet. An emaciated, mistreated and abandoned dog rescued by the narrator makes him reflect and ask questions about the essence of evil. Having left for a sailing camp, Kacper and his friend Piotrek get on board of a ghost ship balancing (...)


YEAR: 2016


TED , Wisecrack , Addison Anderson, John R. Dilworth, Alex Gendler, Mathias Richard Horhager, Conor Neill , Pilar Newton , Alec Opperman, Jason Permenter, Asparuh Petrov , Massimo Pigliucci , Saschka Unseld, Rebecca Whipple Silverstein, Mia Wood

TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing, Series The Big Questions: What Aristotle and Joshua Bell Can Teach Us about Persuasion / Plato's Allegory of the Cave / Plato's Best (and Worst) Ideas /The Philosophy of Stoicism /

What Aristotle and Joshua Bell Can Teach Us about Persuasion?The video's first scene presents a concert of a world famous violinist Joshua Bell at Boston Symphony Hall on January 9, 2007. We are told that Bell at this time was “at peak of his abilities”; then he is shown standing and playing at the top of a sky-reaching mountain among clouds, which can bring to mind Parnassus. But soon the mountain disappears, Bell falls down and suddenly we see him performing on a subway platfor(...)


YEAR: 2013