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René Goscinny , Albert Uderzo

Asterix (Series, Book 17): The Mansions of the Gods [Astérix: Le Domaine des Dieux]

The Mansions of the Gods is the 17th volume of the Asterix comic series. The main characters of this series are the clever and brave Gaul called Asterix and his strong sidekick, Obelix. In their adventures, which follow a similar character arc and plotline, they fight the invaders of the Gaul territory, the Romans. Together, Asterix and Obelix are helped by Getafix, who prepares a magical potion that gives them great strength and power. In the present story, Julius Caesar plans on construct(...)


YEAR: 1971


Bernard Beckett


This novel is the third and last volume of a trilogy with Genesis and August. It is set in a world like ours, but more advanced in regards to stem cell research. People have stem cell banks and it is possible to use these to re-grow organs in order to prolong healthy lives. Only the brain cannot be regrown in this way.18-year-old Theo had an accident in which his body has remained intact, but all his brain function has been permanently destroyed. Scientist Dr. Huxley sees this as the u(...)


YEAR: 2015

COUNTRY: Australia