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Yan Marchand, Vincent Sorel

Diogenes the Dog-Man [Diogène l’homme chien]

The plot is based on an anecdote from Diogenes’ life, briefly told by Diogenes Laertius in Lives of Eminent Philosophers (VI.2.75–76). Young Androsthène, the son of a wealthy Aegina citizen, is sent to Athens to complete his formation by educating his soul. His father chooses Plato as the mentor in philosophy. The young man, reluctantly, and for a long time, studies Euclidean geometry to enter the Academy. The city captivates him with its luxury. The encounter with Diogen(...)


YEAR: 2012


Josef Hill, Elena Paige

Hades Learns to be Fair (Taki and Toula Time Travelers, 4)

In this time-traveling series fourth installment, two modern day Greek children from Crete, Toula (8 year old girl) and Taki (6 year old boy) find strange traditional Greek shoes called tsarouhia in their mother’s chest. They find out that wearing these shoes enable them to time-travel to ancient Greece (see here). In this book, the children find themselves in the petrifying underworld. Hades, who resents the children for assisting Zeus in their previous adventure (Paige, Zeus Tames h(...)


COUNTRY: Australia

Christof Wolf

We Are Looking for Humans – Real Humans! Socrates and Diogenes in Munich

One day, two philosophers, Socrates and Diogenes, the main “provocateurs” of Antiquity, find themselves together in modern Munich. With a lamp in broad daylight, they both head to look for real humans in the company of the dog Argos. Although two thousand years have passed, they become an object of mockery by citizens, just like in ancient Athens. After they reach the Munich School of Philosophy on Kaulbach Street, the philosophers meet a girl student reading Plato’s works in i(...)


YEAR: 2014

COUNTRY: Germany