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Shoo Rayner

Euclid: the Man Who Invented Geometry

Euclid: The Man Who Invented Geometry is an illustrated chapter book that explains the life of the Greek mathematician Euclid, who lived around 300 BC. The focus is on his discoveries in geometry. In ten chapters he is shown explaining his concepts and system to a group of friends. He talks them through his definitions and method, step by step, from “point” to “polygon.” The chapters advance from point and axiom (ch. 1) to angle and parallel (ch. 2). Then kinds of angle a(...)


YEAR: 2017

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Ri Channel , Hanna Fry, James Grime, Phoebe Halstead, ​Andrew Khosravani, Ed Prosser

Series Maths (Ri Chanel): What is Zero? Getting Something from Nothing; The Greek Legacy: How the Ancient Greeks Shaped Modern Mathematics

What is Zero? Getting Something from NothingThe short video, beginning with the question: “Is it possible to get something from nothing?”, introduces the “tortuous and meandering route through 1500 years of human history” that the number zero had to travel till now. The video is divided into chapters, starting from the “Chapter 0”. The narrator informs us that today zero has two main functions: first, it is part of a positional numerical system and serves to f(...)


YEAR: 2016