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Flocabulary team

Greek Mythology

This lesson provides information on the 14 Olympians in a manner of an animated musical video clip



YEAR: 2019

Ciuf Ciuf - Fiabe e storie della buonanotte

Ciuf ciuf, Myths & Legends of Ancient Greece

An off-screen narrator recounts mythical stories to children, covering their main points, as the stories are enacted by stylized silent characters in cartoon animations.
The main ancient Greek mythical characters presented in the channel are: Apollo; Cassandra; Hercules; Medusa; Mithras; Poseidon; Prometheus; and Zeus.

The language is simple and suitable for a child audience. The narrative turning points are stressed through straight-forward comments and(...)


YEAR: 2019


Core Knowledge

YEAR 3: ANCIENT GREECE (five lessons): Lesson 1. An Introduction to Ancient Greece

This is the first lesson of five. It offers an introduction to ancient Greece. The objective of his lesson is to introduce the ancient civilization to the young students and connect it with more familiar themes to the children, such as Olympic Games, Greek gods etc. The teachers are encouraged to incorporate videos from films such as Troy (2004) or 300 (2006).

The lesson includes a map of ancient Greece with key locations and bri(...)