Our Mythical Hope
in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture...
The (In)efficacy of Ancient Myths in Overcoming the Hardships of Life


Prof. Katarzyna Marciniak - kamar@al.uw.edu.pl (Principal Investigator)

Magdalena Gorlińska - maggo@al.uw.edu.pl (Project Officer)

Dr. Elżbieta Olechowska - elzbieta.olechowska@gmail.com (Researcher)
Dr. Hanna Paulouskaya - hannapa@al.uw.edu.pl (Researcher)

Dorota Bazylczyk, MA - anna.m.mik@gmail.com (Assistant Researcher)
Anna Mik, MA - dorota.bazylczyk@student.uw.edu.pl (Assistant Researcher)

Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition (OBTA)
Faculty of “Artes Liberales”
University of Warsaw
ul. Nowy Swiat 69
00–046 Warsaw, Poland


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Matylda Tracewska, Our Mythical Childhood (2012)

This Project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 681202, Our Mythical Childhood... The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture in Response to Regional and Global Challenges, ERC Consolidator Grant (2016–2021).

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