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Andrei Valentinovich Shmal'ko

Diomedes, the Son of Tydeus. Book 2: Someone Else Will Return [Диомед, сын Тидея. Книга II: Вернусь не я (Diomed, syn Tideia. Kniga II: Vernus’ ne ia)]

This is a heroic fantasy fiction based on the myth of Diomedes, aimed at young adults, in novel format. The plot of the novel is reframing and reinterpretation of Iliad and Odyssey. The second part of Valentinov’s novel on Diomedes is dedicated to the exploits of the hero during the Trojan War and subsequent events.Diomedes has enough knowledge and experience to understand that the beginning of war between the West and the East on Troad plain would be suicidal: if Trojans call for help fro(...)


YEAR: 2001