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Emilka Bojańczyk , Anna Piwkowska

Frances [Franciszka]

In contemporary Warsaw, thirteen-year-old Franciszka learns that her mother, Natasza, taken to the hospital before the plot of the novel begins, is severely ill (later in the book, it turns out that she has leukemia). As the girl has been brought up only by her mother, she must go and live with her grandmother, Ewa, whom she never met. The eccentric woman, called “babsko” [a hag] by Franciszka, does not look like or behave as a grandmother should (according to the protagonist), and t(...)


YEAR: 2014


Cynthia Voigt

The Vandemark Mummy

Phineas Hall, aged 12, and his sister Althea, aged 15, arrive on the campus of Vandemark College, where their father has taken a job teaching classical languages. Their mother has taken a high-powered political job on the other side of the US and the children are concerned about what this might mean for their parents’ marriage. A surprise bequest to the college sees Mr. Hall appointed curator of a collection of Egyptian artefacts, including a mummy from the Roman era. A line-up of potentia(...)


YEAR: 1991

COUNTRY: United States of America