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Extra Credits , Carrie Floyd, Daniel Floyd, James Portnow, Allison Theus

Extra History (Series, S01E01-04): Rome: The Punic Wars – I: The First Punic War / Rome: The Punic Wars – II: The Second Punic War Begins / Rome: The Punic Wars – III: The Second Punic War Rages On / Rome: The Punic Wars – IV: The Conclusion of Second Puni

Rome: The Punic Wars – I: The First Punic WarTwo male and one female character wearing ancient vests - Dan, James and Alison -appear and explain how Creative Assembly, the producers of Total War: Rome II – a strategy game set in ancient times and beginning before the Punic Wars – called and offered a part of their advertising budget to Extra Credits in order to be able to “teach people Roman history.” The introduction highlights the significance of Punic Wars: they (...)


YEAR: 2013