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Vikentsi Ravinski

Aeneid Inside Out [Энеіда навыварат]

After the fall of Troy, Aeneas, the son of Venus, along with his soldiers travel to Rome in order to establish a new kingdom there. Juno, who does not like Aeneas's mother, Venus, wants to thwart the hero. She talks Aeolus, the Keeper of the Winds, into raising a storm in the sea. But Aeneas appeals to Neptune for help. Neptune calms down the wind and soothes the sea. Venus helps her son too; she asks Zeus to support Aeneas. Zeus promises Venus that her son will happily arrive in Rome and wi(...)


COUNTRY: Russian Empire

Ivan Kotliarevsky

Aeneid. Travestied Inside Out into Little Russian language by I. Kotliarevsky [Енеида. На малороссійскій языкъ перелиціованная И. Котляревскимъ]

After the fall of Troy, Aeneas ("Aeneas was a lively fellow, / Lusty as any Cossack blade") and the Trojans run away to sea. Juno asks Aeolus to sink the Trojans. Aeolus creates the storm, but Aeneas gives Neptune a bribe, and the storm calms down. Venus feels worried about her son Aeneas and complains about Juno to Zeus. Zeus says that the fate of Aeneas is already sealed - he will go to Rome and found a strong state there. After much suffering, the Trojans reach Carthage, where Dido (...)


COUNTRY: Russia Russian Empire

Rebecca Alexander , Patrick Branwell Brontë

Branwell's Blackwood's Magazine. The Glass Town Magazine with contributions from his sister Charlotte Brontë

The British authors, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë, whose novels included Jane Eyre (1847), Wuthering Heights (1847), and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848), began their careers by writing elaborate juvenilia alongside their brother, Branwell. Together the sibling Brontë children created an imaginary society in West Africa - The Glass Town Federation, a union of four kingdoms and a federal capital – the Great Glass Town. They wrote extensively about that society, creating sto(...)



Extra Credits , Carrie Floyd, Daniel Floyd, James Portnow, Allison Theus

Extra History (Series, S01E01-04): Rome: The Punic Wars – I: The First Punic War / Rome: The Punic Wars – II: The Second Punic War Begins / Rome: The Punic Wars – III: The Second Punic War Rages On / Rome: The Punic Wars – IV: The Conclusion of Second Puni

Rome: The Punic Wars – I: The First Punic WarTwo male and one female character wearing ancient vests - Dan, James and Alison -appear and explain how Creative Assembly, the producers of Total War: Rome II – a strategy game set in ancient times and beginning before the Punic Wars – called and offered a part of their advertising budget to Extra Credits in order to be able to “teach people Roman history.” The introduction highlights the significance of Punic Wars: they (...)


YEAR: 2013


Ian Andrews, Penelope Lively

In Search of a Homeland

This is a retelling of the post-homeric story of the Aeneid and of the origins of Rome.(...)


YEAR: 2001

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Malorie Blackman

Noughts & Crosses

Sephy Hadley and Callum McGregor are best friends as children, but they live in a world where dark-skinned Crosses like Sephy dominate every aspect of society while the pale-skinned Noughts like Callum are oppressed. The history behind this oppression hints at an inversion of the power dynamics of classical history. Meanwhile, both Sephy (‘Persephone’) and her sister, Minerva, have classically-inspired names, recalling the Ancient Greek queen of the Underworld and the goddess of wisd(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Emma Chichester Clark, Geraldine McCaughrean

Orchard Book of Roman Myths

This is a retelling of Roman myths, meant for ages 9-12, that takes the readers through a fantastic journey of cultural transition, from Troy to Rome. It combines some tales of Greek mythology with Roman myths (Romulus and Remus, The Sibylline prophecies, Tages, Camillus, Lara, the Sabine Women, Aeneas). The chapters of the book are as follows:Introduction: explains how the Romans translated the Greek gods, creating their own mythology where the main concept was ‘duty’. 1) The O(...)


YEAR: 1999

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Pierce Brown , Rik Hoskin , Eli Powell

Red Rising: Sons of Ares

Red Rising: Sons of Ares is the graphic novel prequel to the novels of the hugely popular Red Rising science-fiction series. The series imagines a rigidly hierarchical interplanetary society which takes much of its form from ancient Greek myths of the ages of humans and from ancient Roman culture. While the main series witnesses an uprising by the Sons of Ares, a terrorist group who fight against oppression, Red Rising: Sons of Ares takes readers back to the origins of the rebellion.The sto(...)


Eric Freeberg, Diane Namm

Roman Myths

Retelling of classic Roman myths meant for ages 7-9 with one illustration per story. Following the stories, the author includes questions for discussion about each story. The stories in the book:The Oak and the Linden TreePrometheus and IoAtlas and the Eleventh Labor of HerculesRomulus and RemusEscape from TroyThe Golden BoughCupid and PsycheMinerva and ArachneOedipus and the SphinxOtus and Ephialtes(...)


YEAR: 2014

COUNTRY: United States of America

Patrick Branwell Brontë

The History of the Young Men

This work opens with an extensive Introduction which details the early lives of the Brontë children and the evolution of their creative writing. There is also a section of Notes on the Text, which provides a manuscript history and images of the original. Branwell's introduction provides the history of the acquisition of the toy soldiers who formed the basis of the stories. He adds, 'this history is a statement of what Myself, Charlotte Emily and Ann really pretended did happen' (...)


COUNTRY: Australia

Nikolaĭ Osipov

Virgil’s Aeneid Travestied Inside Out [Виргилиева Энеида, вывороченная наизнанку]

Virgil’s Aeneid Travestied Inside Out by N. Osipov is remarkably close to Vergil’s Aeneid in plot. Every part (song) of the poem is preceded by a short summary of what the part narrates. After the fall of Troy, a fleet led by Aeneas (“a daring young man, / And the most skillful fellow”) begins a long voyage to find a new home. Juno wants to disturb them, she asks Aeolus to set a storm, which will destroy the Trojan fleet. Neptune, angry with Juno's intervention i(...)


COUNTRY: Russian Empire