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Małgorzata Borowska

Mορμολύκη [Mormolyke]. The Book for Ancient Greek Learning

Mορμολύκη is a modern textbook for learning the ancient Greek language. In contrast to most other textbooks, it contains only ancient authors’ original texts, even at the very beginning. The selection of the texts is really wide, much wider than found usually in textbooks: the texts range from Homer even to Church Fathers of the 4th cent. p. Ch. n. Quite innovatively, the textbook features a significant share (...)


YEAR: 1996, 2002


Doris Vazquez

Mythology in the ESL Classroom. Curriculum Unit 83.02.09

This unit is designed as a handbook for teachers on incorporating myths into ESL (English as Second Language) classes. The stories are aimed to develop reading skill, writing skills, artistic skills, listening skills.

The suggested myths are:
The creation of the world and humankind, Pandora, name of the months, exploits of various Olympian gods, (the Roman names are used in this unit): Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Minerva, (...)


YEAR: 1983