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Magda van Tilburg

Phaethon [Radiant]

Phaethon is a comic by Magda van Tilburg, in which she presents the myth of Phaethon according to Ovid: the phrases used by characters come from volumes I and II of Metamorphoses. The entire comic is written in Latin and it is only in the digital version that the original text is accompanied by an English translation. In addition to the translation, supplementary boxes contain explanations referring to proper names and morphological issues.


YEAR: 1986, 2009

COUNTRY: Netherlands

John Severi

Mythological Archetypes: Amazons to Madison Avenue. Curriculum Unit 83.02.07

This unit aims to “explore mythology through a cross-cultural, archetypal approach.” the students will read and discuss poems, stories and experts from novels which contain common elements relating to mythological architypes. The activities focus on reading comprehension and evaluation of texts as well as writing assignments and art, such as collage making. The students work individually or in groups.

This unit also a(...)


YEAR: 1983



It Came From Greek Mythology

This lesson’s unit offers various activities connected with Greek mythology. From It ranges from the meaning of myth, to the nature of Greek heroes and various moral myths (Echo and Narcissus, Daedalus and Icarus and Phaeton), the various constellations and the influence of Greek myths on art and poetry in later centuries.

• The lessons include background for the teachers on the theme of ancient heroes. The lesson offe(...)



Iffat Sardharwalla

Greek Myths

This is a power point presentation on the subject of Greek Myths. It includes short explanations on the Greek gods, photos, names of heroes, suggestions for classroom activity.