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Janusz Ryba, Elżbieta Wolanin, Aleksandra Klęczar

Homo Romanus 1 [The Roman Man]. Textbook for Learning Latin and Ancient Culture

Homo Romanus is a textbook for teaching of Latin language and ancient culture aimed at higher grades of secondary schools. It consists of two parts, which facilitates its use as an advanced course as well as at a basic level with fewer hours of instruction (using only part 1). Each part is divided into 5 thematic modules (moduli). Each module contains 5 lessons (lectiones) and an additional recap unit (repetitio). The course inc(...)


YEAR: 2017


Barbara Bell, Helen Forte (illustrator)

Minimus. Starting out in Latin

Minimus is a lively elementary Latin course for children aged 7-10. It combines a basic introduction to the Latin language with background cultural information on the Roman civilization in Britain. Pupils learn Latin through engaging in games and fun activities, using the modern interactive method including audiovisual elements. The child acquires a different linguistic system without going into great grammatical details or studying the rules of phrase fo(...)


YEAR: 1999


B. L. Ullman, Charles Henderson, jr., Norman E. Henry

Latin for Americans. First Book

The sixth revision of Latin for Americans, First Book is based on time-tested principles upon which Professor B. L. Ullman originally based this highly successful series. From the very start, the student is presented with reading connected Latin passages with comprehension of the Latin as Latin. The vocabulary is methodically chosen for the frequency of its occurrence in Latin literature and in English derivatives. The simple and informal presentatio(...)


YEAR: 1981 - (sixth revised edition) frequently revised, still in print; 1st edition 1941


Diana Doyle

Teaching Mythology: Gods and Heroes. Curriculum Unit 83.02.06

This unit aims to enhance students’ reading and writing skills and encourage their curiosity by teaching them adapted myths, especially on Greek heroes. The myths suggested in this unit are: the creation myth with comparison with other cultures’ creation stories (Babylonian, Apache, and Nigerian), Titanomachy, Olympian gods, creation of humans, Gift of fire, flood, Pandora, Hercules, Orpheus, Daedalus, Odysseus and Achilles form the heroes’ myths(...)


YEAR: 1983



It Came From Greek Mythology

This lesson’s unit offers various activities connected with Greek mythology. From It ranges from the meaning of myth, to the nature of Greek heroes and various moral myths (Echo and Narcissus, Daedalus and Icarus and Phaeton), the various constellations and the influence of Greek myths on art and poetry in later centuries.

• The lessons include background for the teachers on the theme of ancient heroes. The lesson offe(...)