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Live from Ancient Olympia!

This lesson enables students to conduct “live interviews’ with ancient athletes. The students and teacher can use the online exhibit “"The Ancient Olympics," developed for the EDSITEment-reviewed Perseus Project.” This online exhibition  was created in 1996  and features various themes: Ancient and Modern Olympic Sports, A Tour of Ancient Olympia, Athletes’ stori(...)



Mark Warner

The Olympians

This resource includes one, animated, 4 minutes long, video on the Olympic goods. It then offers ideas and resources on how to use this video for other disciplines such as English, Maths, Computing, Art, Music, Geography, History and Physical education. In the video we see a dark-skinned woman running through London when a giant (perhaps a titan) throws fire balls at her. She then reaches Zeus who throws his thunderbolt near her so she can catch it and use as a po(...)




DK Find Out

This online resource contains an interactive map of ancient Greece. When you click on one of the sites, an information text appears. If you click on the red words in the text, new information page opens up.

The information which appears on the map includes: Mount Olympus, Greek art, Troy, Greek clothing, Philosophers, Athens, The Oracle at Delphi, Olympia, Sparta, Trireme and Alexander the Great.



Emily Collins

Ancient Greece Unit Plan

This unit offers 14 lesson plans on ancient Greece for years 3/4.  (7-9 year olds) The themes of the lessons are, the geography and climate of Greece, ancient Greece in time, Athens and Sparta, Greeks as fighters, Marathon and the war against the Persians, gods and temples, myths, theatre, performing Greek myths (by the students), Olympic games, everyday life, Greek activities afternoon.




Sam Loyd

Ancient Greece Activity Booklet

This is a 10 pp. PDF booklet on ancient Greece. The activities include: a fill out table on the ancient and modern Olympics, a design your own Greek vase, ancient Greek numbers and exercises, creating a game, Greek prefixes and suffixes, Greek card game, explanation on Greek temples, an adapted myth of Hercules, Greek gods business card.




National Geographic Kids

10 Facts about Ancient Greece

This webpage offers 10 facts on the ancient Greek culture. The facts refer to everyday life (food, clothing), mythology, events, festivals. At the bottom of the page, there are various facts on modern Greece.




Janusz Ryba, Aleksandra Klęczar


Cognoscite is a textbook aimed at secondary school students, at the beginner level. The authors, experienced in both teaching and writing textbooks, adapted it to the new curriculum introduced in 2020, which is not as strictly focused on language learning as before, and presents a broader scope of cultural aspects including European reception of Antiquity. Thus the textbook combines many school subjects: Latin, arts, history, literature and shows the pres(...)


YEAR: 2020


Core Knowledge

YEAR 3: ANCIENT GREECE (five lessons): Lesson 1. An Introduction to Ancient Greece

This is the first lesson of five. It offers an introduction to ancient Greece. The objective of his lesson is to introduce the ancient civilization to the young students and connect it with more familiar themes to the children, such as Olympic Games, Greek gods etc. The teachers are encouraged to incorporate videos from films such as Troy (2004) or 300 (2006).

The lesson includes a map of ancient Greece with key locations and bri(...)