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Anthony Gibbins


Simple stories about a town named Legonium (made of lego) in which the inhabitants of the town try to track down a mysterious jewel thief.  At one point they visit Pompeii, using the Sydney University Lego reconstruction of Pompeii, housed in the Nicholson Museum.  

The stories use conversational Latin to introduce beginning Latin students to the language.  While mythological stories do not feature much, employs po(...)


YEAR: 2017- ongoing

COUNTRY: Australia

Piotr Bańkowski

Latin Flashcards. Major Phrases and Words of Wisdom/Sententiae

Latin Flashcards. Major Phrases and Words of Wisdom is a unique set of 500 numbered cards which feature words of wisdom, quotes, and phrases sourced from the Latin cultural field: inter alia maxims from the Roman law, quotes from established literary pieces or everyday sayings. To facilitate the associative memorisation of the phrases, the course is divided into 22 topical categories and a set of phrases and utterances used on a daily basis in the Polish (...)


YEAR: 2012


Piotr Bańkowski

Latin Globally

Łacina globalnie [Latin Globally] is a website, or blog directly aimed at teaching the Latin language, offering, among other resources, an original textbook with a set of exercises. The author divided the course into thematically driven lessons (e.g., personal and reflexive pronouns, cardinal numerals, plusquamperfectum, ablativus absolutus, gerundium etc.), which are available as a full course or as separate lessons in the ‘Grammar



Angela Wilkes

Latin for Beginners

Latin for Beginners is a textbook aimed at primary school pupils. The author treats Latin as any other foreign language and uses the same comprehensive methods as for teaching modern languages at the beginner level. This includes introducing new vocabulary and grammar in each chapter along with puzzles, quizzes and exercises to consolidate new knowledge. It also suggests the use of an associated website for additional resources and activities to(...)


YEAR: 1993